Face Mask: Tube West

$19.00 $26.00

Big up your borough by having your own tube stop embroidered onto your mask for a truly personalised face covering that stands out from the rest.

Whether you’re North, South, East, or West of the river, we all take pride in our region. Our new LDN underground range lets you wear it loud and proud, with patterning that takes inspiration from tube seat moquettes. 

The design is expertly stitched using needle and thread on to our premium, lightweight facemasks designed to provide maximum comfort and style without compromising on protection. Using Diolen hygienic material these masks breathe in the same way you’d expect of a trainer, with a soft comfortable fit that moulds seamlessly to your nose and chin. If you ask us, they're the best face masks the UK has to offer right now.

Available in 11 different colours, 50% of profits from every sale donated to the Masks For NHS Heroes initiative, who are purchasing essential PPE for frontline workers. See a few helpful videos and full details on how to wear masks below and stay safe! 




Designed, produced and distributed domestically to ensure our masks are made in fair and ethical conditions while keeping carbon emissions low. Find out more here.