The Grinch: Donald Trump Christmas Jumper


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ļ»æThese knits are unisex, but come in men's sizes. Refer to ourĀ size guideĀ and check our tagged photos onĀ instagramĀ to seeĀ how they look on our customers!

This naughty knit will last longer than the Trump presidency, whether he gets impeached or re-elected. Itā€™s time to Make Christmas Great Again.

If there's one person you can guarantee enjoys ruining Christmas, it's our man in green - Donald Trump. Wearing this Donald Trump Christmas jumper means one thing and one thing only... It's time to build a wall around your tree, report any elves to immigration control and completely ignore anyone campaigning for reindeer's rights (they've got to work, just like everybody else).Ā 



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Designed, produced and distributed domestically to ensure all knits are made in fair and ethical conditions while keeping carbon emissions low.Ā Find out moreĀ here.

    ProducingĀ one of theseĀ Donal TrumpĀ Christmas jumpers is time-consuming, highly specialised and technically intricate work. Using the latest hi-tech knitting machines, it takes 45 minutes to weave the front and back sections. The sleeves are cut by hand and the collar is attached by carefully feeding each jumper into a separate machine ā€“ all of which is done by hand, by experts