notjust is a registered social enterprise built up of socially conscious creatives. Since we started out in 2017 we’ve been committed to creating ethical and sustainable products that drive positive social impact.

Our products are designed to capture the nation’s attention whether we’re making them laugh or driving awareness around critical issues (or both!) It's our core belief that our products should make a difference by provoking thought or a chuckle, and stimulating real life change. 

Through each of our viral campaigns we have raised significant funds for charities including Save the Children, Kicking Off,  Mind, The Big Issue and many more.


In the carbon-emitting world of fast fashion, it’s up to clothing brands to provide an alternative – for consumers, and for the planet. 

Since our inception we’ve worked hard to create products domestically and in ethical working conditions. This helps us ensure that all of our garments have been made free from cruelty to humans and animals and have a lower carbon footprint than anything you’ll find on the high street.

And this doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality, in fact all of our products are made to a premium standard. While we love to see our customers come back to explore our range, we make things that should last and encourage year-on-year use of all purchases made with notjust. 


Our carbon neutral partnership with DPD allows us to utilise the same technology as other major retailers, ensuring our shipping processes are carbon neutral, and all our packaging is completely biodegradable (this means you can use it to bag up food waste, for example!). 

As we handle all packaging in-house we also guarantee an ethical distribution process from our depot in Manchester.  


As a social enterprise striving to make sure things are done properly, we of course pay all our employees the Living Wage. We’re proud of our team who are always striving to do things better and we know the more we invest in our employees, the more they invest in us.


We understand that there is always room for improvement. We’re constantly looking at new ways to achieve increased sustainability. Based on where we started and where we are now, we have distilled our aims into a three-point pledge for the future:

  1. For all of our knitwear to be carbon neutral within 3 years 
  2. To offer a range of jumpers made entirely of recycled yarn by 2020
  3. To share knowledge, partner with and help build a community of  like minded, sustainably focussed groups and individuals working within the fashion industry 


As a small business, we can make changes fast – so we expect this to evolve as we expand. If you’re a business that believes it can help us achieve these goals faster, or you just fancy a chat get in touch. We’re always open to collaboration.